Simulation and Performance Optimization of Computer Networks and Other Systems

OMNeT++ is one of the leading open-source simulation packages in the telecommunications research and academic community. The main application area of OMNeT++ is the simulation of computer networks (wired and wireless) and other distributed systems. Several open-source simulation models are available for OMNeT++, contributed by the user community. The user community, in addition to keeping in touch online, meets at annual workshops. OpenSim Ltd develops the OMNeT++ software, runs the community web site, and assists the communication and cooperation of the user community. OMNeT++ is being used in several EU FP7 projects. The SPEC CPU2006 CINT benchmark also contains an OMNeT++ simulation as one of the 12 tests.

OMNESTTM is the commercial version of OMNeT++. OMNEST, in addition to the license that allows commercial use, contains several additional features (e.g. SystemC and HLA integration, Visual C++ support). Commercial support and trainings are also available. The list of OMNEST users includes such prominent corporations as IBM, Intel, Qualcomm, CISCO, EADS, Siemens, Alcatel-Lucent, Thales Group and Broadcom. OMNEST licences are available from Simulcraft Inc.

Other activities:
  • Simulation projects, consulting
  • OMNEST/OMNeT++ training, courses


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